About Us:
Fashionable and Functional T1 Diabetes Insulin Pump Tank Tops!

My daughter, Rylee, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes March 2011 at the age of 6, and she just started using a Medtronic insulin pump March 2012. With all of the on going changes she is enduring, we wanted to come up with a way to make the pump as comfortable as possible. We came up with Rylee's Pocket. A cute, fun, fashionable tank top that is functional and can keep the pump close and safe to her body. Being able ... to still run, jump, cartwheel and ride bikes with her pump was a necessity at her young age.

These fun and functional tank tops have a pocket with a zipper and a hole in the back so as to hold all the tubing in one easy to access place on the body.

We just added making some pockets a little bigger for people to carry the DexCom. Just mention that in your order.

We've decided to start selling these tank tops because of the impressive response received and the demand that has amounted.

**We are just a family business, we have started this to help other families find comfort for the T1's they love. We are not a big corporation, and we all have "day" jobs. We do the best we can to keep up with all emails, phone calls and orders within a reasonable amount of time, but we ask for your patience and understanding if we take a day or two too long.**

We have now partnered with the ADA (American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org) and the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation www.jdrf.org)! Also, 10% of all the proceeds go directly to JDRF.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:
by email ryleespocket@gmail.com or call us at 425-357-9971
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